La Tanière Endowment Fund

Patrick Violas created the endowment fund La Tanière, your donations will facilitate the construction of additional enclosures and will help finance rescues or complete the operating rooms to assist in the welfare of animals.
La Tanière like the La Tanière endowment fund, will continue to evolve before the official opening of the zoo-refuge in the spring of 2020.
If you are sympathetic to the animal cause and you would like to support this project... Thanks to your donations, entirely dedicated to animal welfare, we will offer our guests the best living environment possible.

This fund is for everyone, individuals and businesses, and everyone can benefit from the tax advantages related to these donations.

The endowment fund works more generally to preserve wild and rural wildlife, through safeguarding, protection, care given to animals which are unwell, injured or used for medical research. The funds will also lead to and finance any social and educational action linked to the protection of wild and rural wildlife.

Our needs to build and make live our refuge are numerous! Currently, we need equipment for the equipment of the veterinary clinic (radio apparatus, endoscope, large animals anesthesia etc ...). This exceptional veterinary clinic will be one of the most specialized in France.
Patrick Violas and Florence Ollivet Courtois explain why it is important to support the La Tanière Endowment Fund.

Help us, help them
Causes to defend together

Medical material, a fundamental need for La Tanière
La Tanière wants to offer their residents the best medical care possible, it’s why we’re calling on your generosity. 
Athos is La Tanière zoo refuge’s male Patagonian sea lion. 
Our big bear likes to bask in the sun, especially when he has a full belly. 
Our old camel needs strength to move despite her splint.
Our horses
Here from Renaissance, our horses delight visitors. 
With their mottled fur, the deer take advantage of Grand Archevilliers’ vast expanse to gallop. 
Don't worry, the llamas at the zoo-refuge don't spit on nice visitors! 
This enormous Scottish bullock has a big appetite, as you can imagine!
This is part of the recurring care when caring for an animal: deworming!