Terra the Scottish bullock

Terra is a huge Scottish bullock still called "Highland cattle", housed in a commune, with two females in grassy areas that the city must maintain. In a desire for sustainable development, herbivores do ecological mowing. But the agents of the green spaces are trained in the behaviour of equipment, not cows prone to the ire (anger) and to Scottish independence! The city needed to separate from the animals.

The females found their home at another community but Terra scared his carers so no one wanted him. The city asked for help. They are attached to their animals and wants to entrust the rebel to the zoo refuge. Patrick Violas and Florence Ollivet-Courtois visit the site to assess the work: Terra is in a huge enclosed pasture.

To capture him, the agents awkwardly installed restraint barriers in the middle of the meadow with water and food to attract him. But he does nothing, the smooth capture fails. The animal had to be anaesthetised three weeks before to perform mandatory tests prior to the transfer of ruminants. So Terra is very familiar with the hypodermic rifle that we decided to use to capture him. So much so that the day we land with the cattle truck to take him to the refuge, the 800 kg animal turns into a bouncy gazelle (really!!). The tranquillisers are enough and we reach the critical dose. We have to do this differently because if we do not meet our goal, the animal must be slaughtered.

So we need to use a lasso to control the animal. A huge rope loop is held by two people several metres away. After three attempts, Terra is finally captured. Once placed in this very useful trap, we can approach the vehicle and load him in. We guide the bullock to his taxi with ropes and the muscle power because Terra finally fell asleep and moves to a passive defence mode.

Terra, aged 10, now lives peacefully among the other ginger cattle of his kind at La Tanière near Chartres in Eure-et-Loir (28).