Nale and Zouina

At the start of June 2019, these two majestic beasts, nicknamed the King and Queen of the refuge, arrived at La Tanière.

The female, Zouina, who turned 20 on June 8, the day after her arrival, arrived from a Montpellier animal park. Like many animals, Zouina is a real character and she could no longer get along with her peers.  La Tanière proved to be her only solution. Patrick Violas and his team decided to welcome this old lioness to give her a well-deserved retirement. As she came from a zoo, Zouina didn’t need to spend 30 days in quarantine.

Nale, the 7-year-old male, comes from a circus who stopped their big cat acts. No zoo could take care of him, so at the moment, he continues to live his life as a king at La Tanière. Unlike Zouina, Nale spent time in quarantine before joining the enclosure.

Feeding this impressive beast takes 10 kilograms of meat every day!

When they arrived, the whole La Tanière team were very emotional.

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