Mischa’s story turned the daily life of La Tanière upside down.

A circus bear, his living conditions were reported by animal protection charities and the general public, until it went back to the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

On 13 September 2019, Élisabeth Borne, Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition requested veterinary examination in addition to strict measures: a ban on Mischa being displayed to the public, a notice to the owner to ensure veterinary monitoring and an order to medically place the bear.

The owner then contacted Patrick Violas to entrust him with his bear.

When he arrived, Mischa suffered from an infected paw because his claws had been ripped off and his throat was also severely infected. He was placed in quarantine straight away.
X-rays show lung concerns but cannot determine if it is cancer or lung infection.

The La Tanière is mobilised: treatments are put in place, he is given foot baths, he is put on respiratory assistance every two hours and an ultrasound was carried out in order to learn more about the mark on the lungs.

Four days after he arrived in the refuge, Mischa was already much better, all the worms in his body were wiped out with the worming pills. The ultrasound relieves Florence Ollivet-Courtois: it is indeed a lung infection which can be treated. 


UPDATE 13/11/2019

After his course of antibiotics stopped, Mischa’s condition deteriorated. His lung infection took over and caused significant breathing problems. An operation was organised on 12 November 2019 to carry out further treatment and examinations.  This operation requires an anaesthesia which was impossible given the state of Mischa.
Unfortunately, too weak, did not wake up from the anaesthetic. The La Tanière team were very emotional when they heard this news. 

The operation revealed that Mischa had severe lesions in the trachea, a grapefruit-sized tumour was found in his right lung (due to maggots) and another tumour was also found in the meninges. The team of carers believe that Mischa was suffering from a cancer which was spreading. 

To remember Mischa and ensure that it doesn’t happen again, the La Tanière team launched #AUNODEMISCHA, don’t hesitate to take a photo with this hash tag and share it on social media.


UPDATE 26/11/2019

Following the observations made during Mischa's autopsy, the results of analysis of the tumours he had on his cheek and back have arrived: these tumours are actually inflammatory haematoma which are due to blows Mischa received. A report of active mistreatment was made to the Loir and Cher prefecture services. A decision was made: the two bears remaining on were placed in medical facilities so that they could receive treatment. 

This decision is unsatisfactory in the eyes of the La Tanière team, which requests a definitive seizure of all the animals present on site. Several places, including La Tanière, have the capacity to accommodate two bears. They must be cared for. 

Mischa did not die for nothing; this sad event can save his companions from misfortune. #AUNOMDEMISCHA