Leo and Zampa

Léo and Zampa are two Lions from Valencia, Spain. From a very young age, they were declawed and neutered by so-called "photographers" to allow tourists on the beach to be photographed with baby lions.

Declawing is a banned practice which has huge consequences for the lion’s paws. Léo had to have leg surgery because of a phalanx problem caused by declawing. The early castration they suffered also means that their manes haven’t developed.

After being used for photos, Léo and Zampa were rescued by a circus to avoid them being put down. The circus members then entrusted the two cubs to La Tanière.

It will be difficult to place these two lions in parks due to their lack of manes.

Léo and Zampa are inseparable, very playful and love having fun with big tires.