Juan et Pacco

Shown to the public in an illegal establishment, these two macaw parrots lived in small dark cages which they never got to leave. These usually bright coloured birds had lost a lot of their lustre. After an emergency rescue by the La Tanière team, they spent 30 days in quarantine when they arrived at the Zoo Refuge. 

They are now in an aviary designed for them where everything is devised to stimulate them intellectually. Visitors can admire their magnificent feathers which have regained their colour since their arrival. The two macaws can enjoy the sun and show their best dance moves to the public.

Did you know? Parrots moult their feathers three times a day! For our macaws, arriving with dull feathers, we gave them minerals and vitamins to allow them to moult again. When the feather grew back, their diet was more balanced, leading to more beautiful feathers. UV rays also do a world of good for the feathers, but that’s not all! For birds, UV rays are very important for strong bones.