Although she has the same name as the bear, their stories are beautiful and very different! Cannelle is one of the primates who arrived at La Tanière zoo-refuge at the start of March 2019. She spent 19 years of her life in a laboratory where she only got out to work. Like her other primate friends, Cannelle had never seen the sun or felt the wind in her hair. After spending time in quarantine on arrival, Cannelle was finally able to go outside and discover the feeling of grass under her feet in a half-indoor half-outdoor enclosure.

The primates welcome to La Tanière have brought much to humanity by serving in research into Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer's or research into retinas (because primate eyes are very similar to human eyes).

We had concerns when they arrived - are they going to adapt to their new life? We’ve invented schemes to stimulate them such as hammocks, scoubidous to climb, we hide their food for them to find. They finally got used to their new life very easily and live very happily in the zoo-refuge.