Canelle and Canaille

These two cubs were born simultaneously at the zoo-refuge La Tanière, from two different carriers that synchronised. They were born so fragile and incomplete that we talk about ectopic pregnancies. Their siblings unfortunately did not survive, but Cannelle and Canaille were fortunate to have attentive and competent carers alongside them.

Indeed, while anticipating the risks by bringing in a highly reputable US milk, symptoms of bloating and respiratory problems had arisen. Only Canelle and Canaille survive, only nothing changes and the symptoms persist. The autopsy of the dead cubs is decisive: digestive obstruction due to curdled milk.

Carers have to do fast to save the two cubs, but the mission is complicated: how do you dissolve this curd in a living organism without killing it?

Then there is an improvised laboratory: several tests are carried out on the curd and finally the solution is found with a medicine for pancreatic deficient. The night is long, but finally, the cubs eliminate the curd.

The cause of these complications will be determined quickly: the imported milk was an old version with too much casein and not enough whey protein.

A mixture of various milks and bifidus yoghurt will lead our cubs to good health.