Servals and minks, a busy day for La Tanière

This Monday 24 June, the La Tanière zoo-refuge welcomed five servals, seized from an Ile-de-France animal trafficker. The servals are wild cats from sub-Saharan Africa, the man who held them wanted to sell the small cats to the black market for €15 000 each. Patrick Violas received a call that morning confirming the possibility of rescuing these animals and placing them in the refuge. Under escort Patrick and his team went to the Paris area to recover these cats during the day.  Among these five servals, a female is about to give birth, which makes moving even more delicate. But everything went perfectly and in 30 days they will be able to leave quarantine and join their enclosure.

Only these cats are not the only ones to have entered La Tanière that day. Five minks brought by the COMBACTIVE association, which campaigns to stop the use of animals for fur, have also been quarantined. As we know, minks are too often used for their fur, and our five new ones were living on a fur farm. Their placement at La Tanière will now protect them from this practice. The mink is a semi-aquatic carnivore, that's why their future enclosure has an aerial part and an aquatic part so that they can enjoy optimal living conditions at the Zoo-refuge!

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