Arrival of monkeys

The La Tanière zoo-refuge is delighted to welcome eleven new special residents. These laboratory monkeys are leaving the lab for the first time to experience a second chance at life. It took two years for La Tanière and the GRAAL association- to negotiate the arrival of these primates.

GRAAL is the only association to work with the rescue of laboratory animals reformed by research units. Thanks to GRAAL, lots of animals are enjoying a life with dignity and merit as opposed to systematic euthanasia being their only option.

The  La Tanière zoo-refuge is currently under construction but already has a vet clinic directed by doctor Florence Olliver-Courtois and a BALAI certified quarantinePatrick Violas is responding to GRAAL and research establishments’ demands and expects to welcome around forty primates a year, which corresponds to the number in French and Belgium laboratories.

Eleven primates are already experiencing a new life at La Tanière zoo-refuge and are enjoying a peaceful retreat in the heart of the Beaucerons fields.