A first sponsor for Nale

Bertrand and Nathalie Jallerat have finally found the symbol of the Grand Monarque by choosing to support the La Tanière zoo-refuge, a 100% Eureal project initiated by Francine and Patrick Violas, with a shared purpose and values. Nale, a 7-year-old lion who arrived at La Tanière in June, is the lucky winner! This fascinating animal, king of the Savannah, gives a nod to the Monarque!

The whole Grand Monarque team became NALE’s first sponsor and the establishment commits to contributing monthly to buy a share of the 10kg of meat eaten by the young beast every day. This magnificent lion arrived from a circus which stopped its lion acts. La Tanière is his only solution.

This partnership is part of a project for the hotel's commitment to an international environmental label that promotes sustainable, ecologically virtuous and socially responsible tourism.

But it is also a true belief in this beautiful story that has realised this partnership, whose four protagonists hope that it will encourage other companies to commit to ACT along with La Tanière, to protect animals.

You too can support La Tanière by becoming a partner, by making a tax-free donation to the La Tanière Donation Fund or by buying a one off product by clicking here!