Our mission

The well-being of animals

La Tanière Zoo-refuge, whose opening is scheduled for spring 2020, aims to welcome  and protect all abandoned animals, in distress or without outcome, coming from different horizons. We care and relocate animals if possible to zoological parks that share our values and ethics regarding respect for animal welfare.. 

Our team of experts, dedicated to animals, is well known for their professionalism and independence. Our will is to make every effort to offer the right solution for each of our residents.

We are committed to the conservation of endangered species and collaborate on international breeding programs through our scientific contribution. We are also involved in the management of non-breeding animal populations with respect for individuals.

By visiting La taniere, you are taking part in a civic and solidarity action in favor of animal protection.

Our animals - Latest refugees

Juan et Pacco

Shown to the public in an illegal establishment, these two macaw parrots lived in small dark cages which they never got to leave...

Nale and Zouina

At the start of June 2019, these two majestic beasts, nicknamed the King and Queen of the refuge, arrived at La Tanière.


Émile is a young wild boar, born in the wild.

Support La Tanière endowment fund

Patrick Violas created an endowment fund called La Tanière. Your donations will facilitate the construction of additional enclosures and will help finance rescues or complete the operating rooms to assist in the welfare of animals.
La Tanière like the endowment fund, will continue to evolve before the official opening of the zoo-refuge in 2020.
If you are sympathetic to the animal cause and you would like to support this project... Thanks to your donations, entirely dedicated to animal welfare, we will offer our guests the best living environment possible.
This fund is for everyone, individuals and businesses, and everyone can benefit from the tax advantages related to these donations.

The endowment fund works more generally to preserve wild and rural wildlife, through safeguarding, protection, care given to animals which are unwell, injured or used for medical research. The funds will also lead to and finance any social and educational action linked to the protection of wild and rural wildlife.

For French tax residents, find information about tax exemption for donations here:

You can help us

Medical material, a fundamental need for La Tanière

La Tanière wants to offer their residents the best medical care possible, it’s why we’re calling on your generosity. 

Ep 8 - Season 1

The Web Series!

Follow our teams
and the birth of la Tanière...

Medical training, essential at La Tanière
This week in the web series La Tanière - at the heart of the zoo refuge, the bad weather has arrived at La Tanière! But no matter, the workers work tirelessly to build animal pens. Railings for...

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